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I'm sure someone out there can identify with heading to the furniture store, looking to buy a brand new [enter furniture piece you are looking for here]. You fall in love with said furniture piece and you're so exciting about it! It's delivery day, you get that sofa for example, finally home. Now you're starting to have second thoughts. It doesn't quite fit like you envisioned, or the colour is a little off. You might be thinking, crap, now I have to buy new accent pillows or worse, it doesn't match that vintage chair you recently upholstered and refinished.

Is this sounding any way familiar? I thought it might! Not to worry, I've created a great checklist and tips to get you feeling confident with your next furniture purchase.

1 || We all have smart phone's these days. Take some photos of the room you want to buy the new piece for. It'll help you visualise that piece, and show the sales person as they can further help. Believe me when you're standing there in the show room, having a good check-in on your photos will help

2 || Take photo's of all the furniture pieces in your room. This will help you remember finishes or fabrics on other furniture pieces and whether your new piece will compliment the existing bunch!

3 || Measure your room. This might seem obvious, but it helps in sooo many ways! You can give the measurements to a sales person, to ensure the furniture piece will fit into your space. If there's no one in sight to help you, you can double check the furniture piece against your measurements for peace of mind.

4 || OK, say you need to replace your sofa, and you've decided it would be absolutely amazing to get a larger and deeper one because you've got you, the dog, your partner and/or child to think about too. I recommend you take measurements of your existing sofa. You know what you don't want, so this helps you eliminate the size further. And while you're in the huge showroom, with insanely high ceilings and everything looks oh-so small, having your existing measurements help you get a better sense of scale will help you compare sizes further.

5 || Let's say you're buying a new bed, it might be helpful to take some measurements of those bedside tables you're keeping. Need I say more, don't fret and take a couple more measurements. Better be safe then sorry!

6 || Pack your measuring tape! Unless you're going to ikea, it's going to come in handy.

7 || Let's say you're trying to buy a new lounge chair to match that awesome sofa! It's the perfect colour, you've got great accent pillows for it too. Oh and don't forget you just painted! You barely have the smell of fresh paint out of the way. Take that paint swatch with you. Those accent pillows? No need to take the entire pillow with you, just take the sleeve, leave the insert. What about the sofa, you want it to match that chair with it, right? Do the same with the seat cushion. Take whatever you think would aid you in making the best decision possible.

8 || Take a deep breathe and smile. Have fun! Need I say more?

I hope this little checklist and tips come in handy! Which tip was most helpful to you? tell me about it in the comments below. Have something you want covered in the next design advice column? Contact me here.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Until next time....

K x

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Green Love

Well Happy Monday everyone & most importantly Happy St. Paddy's Day! In honour of that lovely emerald green holiday, I've rounded up some green & gold inspiration.

And the green love continues... I've shared some of my fave items. I'm totally crushin' on those mint milk glass cake stands! Which one is your fave? Tell me in the comments below.

If you want to more green inspiration check out Kay's Pinterest board, and if you like what you see, Love It, Pin It, and don't forget to follow! I hope everyone has a great day indeed.


K x

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White, Black & Copper

Happy Monday Everyone! Have a great weekend?

So lately, and I'm probably late to the game on this one, but I found myself looking up copper accents. It could have something to do with my recent trip to The Home Depot and eyeing all the lovely copper piping and thinking what wonderfulness I could create. When I start googling and our course Pinteresting, (that's a verb right?!) I came across some really great spaces that had white, black with hits of copper. I love the high contrast of black and white then instantly warmed up with copper.

I think my absolute favourite of them all is the kitchen on the top left, with the black open shelves and copper pipe supports. A great DIY project for sure!

Here are some of my copper picks to accent your white and black digs, or to accent any little nook in your home.

Which one is your favourite? Tell me in the comments below. Hope everyone is making it through their Monday!

Until next time.

K x

PS || Check out more of my copper pinning right here. Don't forget to press the follow button if you like what you see!

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